Philly Fans Give Shea Stadium One Final Fight

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We don’t get to see the actual fight that led up to this weekend’s physical ejection of Phillie fan via Shea Stadium security, but stick around until the 1:15 mark to see fat Phillie wife being pulled down the stairs.

And this beefy non-looker is not going quietly.

You also get to see Phillie drunk having his (Brett Myers?) jersey being yanked on by the yellow shirts.

The videographer has the full report:

Three drunk Philly Fans begin to harass the crowd and goes as far as spitting on people. Early that day a Philly fan (Female)from the same group was ejected for snatching a nine year kids sign and attempted to performed Orijami. Anyway, when security was attempting to escort them out, a redneck inbred from Philly (wearing a Flyers hat)heard the Rocky theme in his head…and tried to take on FIVE Shea Stadium Security guards. Well let just say he will have a headache tomorrow. Next time don’t go to another teams house (METS) and get sh@t faced, on the $9 beer. Welcome to New York.

That’s it folks. The final fight video from Philly and Mets fan at Shea.

It’s a sad day for all who really care about such things.