The Perfect Party Favor: Rent A USC Song Girl!

Update: We’ve uncovered documents show a UCLA cheerleader can be rented for $100 per hour.


We come across some strange stuff writing this blog.

Most of it you’ll never see because it’s not really funny or worth wasting even more of your time. But this one stuck out to us.

Did you know it was possible to rent a USC Song Girl?

It’s true. The school will charge you “$150 per girl” and request some pertinent information regarding what the appearance will include. Then you’ll probably be processed into the FBI database for criminal activity.

Song Girl appearance ideas and the contract after the jump…


Parts of the official contract to hire a Song Girl

Ideas For USC Song Girl Appearances:

A beer bong party?

Ride in your car?

Go for a swim?

Cheer for your team?



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    1. EJ says:

      Is it me or are half of those chicks ugly this year! Stephanie and Lindsey are dogs!

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    3. swoops10066 says:

      They must charge by the pound!!!
      Go Bruins!!!

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    9. Love your site. Thanks for taking the time. I’ll return to this site to find out more and tell my neighbors about you.

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