Erin Andrews The Johnny Cash Of College Sidelines


Like caged tigers on the prowl, the men (at least one guy) of South Carolina did the blogging world proud last night by catching several shots of the Johnny Cash of sideline reporting doing her thing.

Erin Andrews, now 30, made her 2008 college football debut and didn’t disappoint.

Great outfit. The hair seems to be in mid-season form. No oversized belts, which is a change we’re keeping an eye on.


A full report from FitsNews

We have to be honest, friends … the pictures included after the jump in this post almost didn’t make it back from Williams-Brice Stadium in one piece last night. Nor for that matter did the photographer who took them. Things were touch-and-go for some time, and only a rare display of courage and selflessness made this magical moment possible.

There you have it, folks. Men will go to great lengths to capture shots of EA.

Somewhere Mike Nadel wishes she would have added a hijab to this outfit.


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