5 Drunken Women Shows At Baseball Games

#1. A true classic from the ladies of Wrigley Field 

After last week’s drunk Packer mom shaking it at Lambeau Field we got an idea.

While it’s usually men who get credit for being stupid and drunk at sporting events, there are many instances of woman doing just the same.

In some cases the ladies are even more impressive since we are heterosexual and find it hot when women get sloppy and show a different, freaky side of themselves.

So, in Busted Coverage fashion, we present the “5 Drunken Women Shows At Baseball Games,” in no particular order other than #1.

(2006) The Tigers fan who’s had enough of your shit.

(2008) Starting the wave as your jeans nearly come down at a Red Sox game is fun.

(2008) Somebody is drunk, loving The Killers and rocking out like a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. 

(2007) A dreamy woman for all the Orioles’ fans out there. She can dance and is a firecracker. 

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    1. Matt Lynch says:

      Those are some sad clips. What's worth the a post these days? Dana Jacobson flapping her exposed batwings? Some wasted Packers slob airing out her FUPA? Where is your humanity? I can't watch some Baltimore crackwhore tease me with her clavicles, or some Steelers lobotomite gum an IC Lite from her withered teats. Your comely writing lead me to believe that there would be some decent female anatomy here. I feel so cheated. What's next? Will I turn on MSNBC to find Hillary Clinton spreading her asscheeks for a strap-on — wait that would be okay. I could watch that shit. So long as it was with Cindy McCain doing her in the middle of a violent amphetamine hallucination. But, I digress. If you advertise crazy sportschicks please remember the chicks part. Thanks.

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