Robert Paxton The Coolest College President – Ever

Update: Bob Paxton cashes in on this photo, loses job!


The Prez helping ladies reach their dreams.

Meet Robert Paxton (old guy, above left), president of Iowa Central Community College.

He’s all for helping younger ladies attempt to bong Coors mini kegs while partying on some random lake over July 4.
And it’s his personal business, the Prez tells the Des Moines Register after this photo surfaced at the newspaper this weekend.


Notice the technique from Paxton. The guy says he was pulling the keg away.

Paxton said the photo was made on July 4 at West Okoboji Lake. He said his 19-year-old son, John, who was a student at Iowa Central last school year, is the younger man in the photo.He said his son was not drinking on the boat.

However, Iowa court records show that a day after the photo was made, John Paxton was arrested and charged with second-offense drunken driving in Dickinson County, where Okoboji is located. The younger Paxton has pleaded not guilty.

Paxton goes on to say the keg wasn’t working properly and he tried to put it back down as the photo was snapped.

Really? Trying to put it back down?

Dude, come clean. You are 52, on a boat with young chicks in bikinis and at least two of those ladies are having fun with vodka.

The guy has taken some stupid community college to great heights thanks to this photo.

We salute you, Prez.


Who’s ready for Smirnoff shots?



    1. FD Soundoff says:


    2. Bob says:

      Ha…I went to ICCC…worst school ever

    3. jon says:

      haha are u kidding me?? ICCCCCCC is kick ass my friend goes up there and they no how to party.. hes a good man

    4. Tam says:

      ..".they NO how to party?" Let's hope they KNOW how to spell!

    5. Ironwulf says:

      Sounds like some stogy old farts, out of touch with the world around them can't handle a guy in touch, that has brought this nothing school into the limelight for the first time in it's history !

      In his position, I would just take the $400,000 severance and open a summer boating restaurant and bar and flip the regents the big one !
      The losers …

    6. vault324 says:

      Yeah they "no" how to party…they don't have to know how to spell, it's just I Can Color College, no spelling skills necessary. Unfortunately it seems that the president must have been elected by some of ICCC's brilliant alumni, who must believe "noing" how to throw a party is more important than actually receiving a decent education. I hope Paxton is happy with how terribly he has represented ICCC and Fort Dodge. Thanks, dude, now grow up.

    7. incorrigible says:

      Meh, doesn't look like he is torturing anyone to me. You get the education you choose to. If you want to party instead of learn then you do not learn anything and waste money. Its his responsibility to get good teachers into the classrooms not to set a social example. We keep confusing teachers and administration with parents and priests. It is nice if educators are role models too, but it is not their job.

    8. NanFan says:

      Here's the REAL first-hand scoop on Paxton from me, a former administrator at ICCC.

      This man is a pariah who lies and cheats his way through life, and the Board of Trustees at ICCC allowed it for 13 years. Paxton was indicted in 2002 for changing grades of athletes to keep them playing on their football team. I know for a fact that Paxton ordered the grade change himself; employees at the school testified to the fact, and Paxton allowed three of his faculty and administrators to take the rap. This is tip of the iceberg compared to other unethical behavior by this president of a US college. This man ruined the careers of faculty, some of whom worked for me when I was chair of the Languages Arts and Humanities Department at ICCC.

      I left my position in November 2003 after less than 18 months because of the unethical behavior of Paxton in his position as president of the college, and I informed the Board that I left ONLY because of what Paxton did in his position as president. He lied, he harassed faculty, he pulled paychecks from faculty he didn't like, he allowed felonious activity by faculty and staff to go on and be hidden so that it would not reflect poorly on him or the school.

      One example: Paxton allowed a man to remain employed after the man had beaten up a female ICCC student, after that student went to Paxton, showed the bite marks and the bruising, begged to have him keep this man away from her. Paxton did nothing to ensure that. The man was a drinking friend of Paxton's, and he was under my supervision. I was gone when the incident happened, received a call from my boss, telling me about it. I said he needs to be fired. She said Paxton advised her to do nothing. The man remained in his position at ICCC for months longer until I proved he wasn't doing his job, evaluated his performance, and fired him.

      Paxton finally got his due, folks; the only wrong part of what is I believe is great justice is that he is being paid money for years of abuse of power! Shame on you, Bob Paxton! Shame on you, Mark Crimmins and other Board of Trustee members for allowing this dishonorable man to lead your school. Iowa colleges have and deserve FAR better than Bob Paxton!

      Professor Nancy Fandel

    9. Ap1523 says:

      ICCC gets that kind of reputation because of the people who constantly talk down on it. Its not like they don't offer any classes for people with real majors. In my experience, the people talking about how bad ICCC is are usually the ones with undecided majors taking gen eds. So the problem is more likely a reflection on the folks having trouble with "Elementary Algebra" than the school itself.

      The people really misrepresenting Fort Dodge are the ones referring to their community college as "I Can Color College."

      I'm pretty sure that in all reality very few students attend ICCC because of the party scene. I mean, anyone from Fort Dodge can tell you that the community's night life isn't exactly spectacular.

      Oh, and for the record, the guy who posted about how they "no how to party" didn't claim to go there.

    10. BeatBob says:

      After they fired his ass from Iowa, our university ended up with this bastard as our new virtual campus president. What a piece of crap! He's an idot without a clue, and all he wants to do is to get with the young women staff. What a complete looser!

    11. fuckbeatbob says:

      Wow i just read the posts on this site and i too work for NAU. As soon as Paxton arrived he has done nothing but improve this university. i would love to know who you are "BeatBob" because he would fire your ass and sue you for slander. Obviously your nothing but jelous of his hard work and the position he earned. you are a loser! go find something better to do than to slander your boss on a no name website

    12. […] Robert Paxton helping a bikini-clad young lady chug from a mini-keg, the internet dubbed him the coolest college president ever. His board of trustees, on the other hand, was not so enthused. They felt it “reflected poorly on […]

    13. […] Robert Paxton helping a bikini-clad young lady chug from a mini-keg, the internet dubbed him the coolest college president ever. His board of trustees, on the other hand, was not so enthused. They felt it “reflected poorly on […]

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