Flickr Wife Not Impressed By Heidi Watney Mania


We figured this day was coming.

Women can’t stand their husbands looking at young, hot, blond chicks who talk sports.

Four older shots of Heidi Watney popped up yesterday on Flickr and there seems to be a backlash in the female community towards the sideline looker.

Fireflyez doesn’t like Ms. Watney and captions the photos of the fresh faced NESN starlet accordingly.

The staff is particularly taken by this caption.


And more…….now called the homewrecker.



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    1. lenny says:

      If Heidi Watney is wrecking your home, your husband must be hot shit. Either that or you're an idiot who is jealous (WHY!?!) of the fact that your husband starts drooling whenever she's on-screen.

      The greatest part, despite the fact that this woman seems to think that Ms. Watney is a "bimbo", is that I'd be willing to put money on the fact that Heidi has a much better education behind her, not to mention a great job in the booming New England sports market.

      I'm sure talent (not to mention intelligence/education/aptitude) plays no part in hiring for that position.

    2. bau3r says:

      I'm beginning to understand why she's so threatened:

    3. joe says:

      Haha – you knew she had to be an ugly mess. Lots more heidi pix @

    4. lenny says:

      I didn't want to stoop low enough to actually insult the woman's appearance, but…


    5. Soul On Ice says:

      Hell hath no fury like a fat ass Red Sox female fan whose husband's only opportunity at a boner is watching TV.

    6. Missie says:

      Well, if rumours are true and she is the bimbo who broke up Tek's marriage and concentration on the game, you wonder why women don't take her seriously? She is a blonde barbie bimbo who can't even read a teleprompter convincingly. Makes you wonder why she is no longer tracking Barry Bonds? Did she try to get into his marriage too? I have no problem with women who are sports reporters who do a great job, not women who can't even fake it. Don't get used to Heidi cause if it's true she will be looking for a new job next year.

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    8. Sherry says:

      So, I am indeed the jealous type and don't really even have a need to be. I am 30 and as the boys say….Hott? : ) I think she is very pretty and what the heck, she reads what she needs to and does a great job improvising! I am not jealous of her looks….I'M jealous of her JOB!!! I would LOVE to be on the sidelines and on the field….and would jump at the opportunity!!!! and no, I am definitely NOT qualified…Just would even settle for a position as bat girl!!!!! HA so if anyone knows of any openings…….. : )

      Not into the "homewrecking" but we've all made our share of decisions wether people like them or not…'s called a personal life for a reason…..just a lesson I've learned in the past -don't S**t where you Eat!!!! oh well!!!! to ach their own!!!!

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