Pat White Top QB Who Likes To Have It Both Ways


What does this headline really mean? Our gay photo editor about came out of his chair when it popped up on his RSS feed.

“Oh. My. God,” Rich wrote in an email to the other editors.

“Finally a list that I give two shits about,” he finished. The only disappointment for Rich was that he sex dreamboat, Tebow, was somehow excluded.

For some reason this passes as college football news for the AP.

The dual-threat quarterback hasn’t loomed this large in the college game since the option’s golden age. Vince Young. Tim Tebow. Matt Flynn. The last time a dropback passer led his team to a national title, Nick Saban was coaching in the SEC (at LSU). Here’s six dual-threat QBs, aside from Tebow, worth your television time this fall.

The list of QBs who like to have it both ways (in top to bottom list): Pat White (WVU), Dan LeFevour (Cent. Mich.), Zac Robinson (Ok. State), Daryll Clark (Penn State), Matt Grothe (South Florida) and Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State).


This was actually a great way to incorporate some Pat White photos onto the site. The guy seems to be able to pull the United Nations of Women. Fatties, blond, brunette, etc.

Strangely absent – black women. Then again, it is Morgantown, West Virginia.


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    1. TheSECsucks says:

      Tebow should be excluded. He shouldn't have won the Heisman last year, that should have given to a better player from Arkansas, that now runs for the Raiders. He'll be too worried about trying to keep his team aboive 500 in the SEC this year let alone winning another one.

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