Pete Carroll Is Straight Up Prankster


Pete Carroll might soon be referred to as Slim Shady around here.

You can’t stop this prankster machine. The guy is legendary for his practical jokes and using fake police investigations to loosen up his troops.

He was back at it recently at a team meeting where he told several athletes they were being investigated for Internet piracy. Ha!

Yes, the sound is poor. It’s not your hearing going bad.

The practical joke rub via the Pete Carroll website

After going through the list of crimes, Carroll tells the team they’re going bowling instead of having practice.

Very funny, Pete.

How about this one for your next joke.

Tell your players that there are several women who want paternity tests and child support payments for children born out of night at the clubs.

Works every time.

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    1. I wanna see Bo Pelini try something like this at Nebraska:)

    2. J Koot says:

      I want to see Ferentz tell his team someone is being investigated for trying to avoid cops while completely naked.

      Nevermind, it wouldn't be a practical joke.

    3. sam says:

      Looks like USC is preparing for another great victory against Stanford.

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