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Michael Phelps Medal Count: 5 Golds, 5 Coeds


Michael Phelps Gold Medal Count Update: 5 for 5. BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich is busy locating a photo of Phelps with 8 women on his arms.

It appears Busted Coverage will be your headquarters for Phelps medal count updates via women. Since Mr. Olympics got 4 and 5 last night you get a total of 9 coeds with Michael.

If you have more Phelps’ photos, lets talk.

Last night’s big news: he set a world record and could barely see.


Now you know why this on goes after the jump

In the post-race press conference, Phelps shared a text message from a friend here in the States.

“Dude,” it said, “It’s ridiculous how many times I have to see your ugly face.”

Michael Phelps Medal Count: 3 golds, 3 coeds [BC]

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