Olympic Basketball Cheerleaders Show Skills, Legs

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We’ve been very curious as to how the Beijing cheerleader situation was going.

NBC rarely shows the ladies, opting instead for a Coca-Cola commercial to help pay off that billion-dollar price tag.

Leave it to print media horn-dogs to actually report on such subjects.


It appears everything is under control, says the Vancouver Sun.

Beijing Olympic organizers picked 428 beautiful, young, long-haired women to perform at 17 different sports including archery, race walking, pentathlon, boxing and weightlifting.

Cheerleaders at race walking? Because?

On the other hand, may we say that cheerleaders at weightlifting was a brilliant idea to get these images out of our brains.

We’re also waiting to see this in HD.

There are two Chinese dance teams and a freestyle team designated for basketball. The Ukrainians also have a dance team that will perform at half time and at the breaks in play, while France sent both cheerleaders and a “dunk team.”


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