Best Softball Team Sponsor Ever – Rick's Cabaret


Just imagine breaking the news to your wife/girlfriend.

You: “Uh, honey, I joined a softball league.”

Her: “That’s great. It’ll be fantastic exercise, you’ll meet new friends and relax after all that work you’ve been putting in around the house.”

Then you break it to her that the team is sponsored by a strip club and post-game team meetings are held at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City.


Win or lose you’ll be loved at Rick’s after going 0-for-4 in the softball game

Being the understanding woman she is, there are no issues here and you gladly meet your teammates win or lose to build camaraderie.

Our club contact, the legendary Lonnie Hanover, says plenty of baseball is on the menu at Rick’s.

The Girls at Rick’s Cabaret really know their baseball. The visiting teams always stop at the (club), and it is not uncommon to see the Yankees and the Mets throughout the 3 story gentlemen’s club.

Of course Lonnie isn’t going to reveal names, stupid. He suggests stopping in (post Saturday day game?) to see the fellas downing some drinks and make it rain.


Stop in post-game for a double shot of Francesca to build team chemistry



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    1. Andy says:

      Strip clubs are great except for the douche bag guys that you can tell are the regulars. The first pic explains exactly what I'm talking about. Those clowns would rape your dog if given enough booze and coke.

      As for these women, well, I hope they all end up on Howard Stern riding the sybian.

    2. orlando says:

      All the girls look hot.
      Click on the last photo of the girl holding the Rick's Menu–She was "Miss Howard TV" for the month of June '08!

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    4. Jim says:

      I'd like to see the girls running the bases and playing too, it'd make softball fun to watch. They could always be cheerleaders too, not common in baseball but who cares. I've been to Rick's a few times and the girls are hot, I'd like to join the team or just enjoy the post game parties.

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