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7 Scariest Women At The 2008 Olympic Games


Kazak Irina Nekrassova will crush you after mispronouncing her name

Update: The Scariest Olympic Flamers Of The 2008 Olympic Games has now been published and sure to be another classic.

No shocker here, folks.

The “7 Scariest Women at the 2008 Beijing Olympics” are weightlifters who could clean and jerk your ass right off the floor in one fell swoop.

Lately we’ve seen plenty of news on Bia and Branca, but what about the ladies who are supreme athletes but have a little trouble on the femininity side.

So sit back and take a better look at weightlifters who you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or under your sheets.

Carissa Gump: USA

The pipes will break you.



Davydova Natalya: Ukraine

Her country of origin should be enough to scare you. And she lifts weights.



Hanna Batsiushka: Belarus

Known for their beards, these ladies should be avoided unless you want trouble with ‘the family.’



Yuliya Dovhal: Ukraine

We love the hair. It says “pull it and call me Yuliya.”



Olha Korobka: Ukraine

Do you sense a theme with women from Ukraine. The chick holds the European Snatch record. Enough said.



Cheryl Haworth: USA

This is our gold medal threat in Beijing. Ms. Haworth can run forty yards in 5.5 seconds and jump a 30-inch vertical. Stud.



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    1. turd ferguson jr says:

      I would bring a bail of flowers and be on my best behavior while out on a date with any of these lovely ladies.

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    3. Krazd says:

      damn they look scary as hell

    4. Jim Jones says:

      Holy smokes man those are some big chicks!

      Jt http://www.Ultimate-Anonymity.com

    5. Ihaveideas says:

      I think i am in loooovvvveee :-X lol.

    6. drinkysr says:

      I call chromosome check on #6.
      That's a man, baby.

    7. Why flowers turd? I'm thinking you'd be more safe if you brought along a big feedbag of oats…

    8. Jay says:

      Korobka looks just like the fat guy from Teen Wolf.

    9. My nieces are moving back into their dorms next week, think these seven might be available to carry the heavy stuff? There's a 6 pack in it for them!

    10. pinay sexy says:

      o my god big women!!!

    11. T Smarts says:

      They don't look so scary to me. They just look like athletes at the top of their game — extreme, yes, but sports are extreme.

    12. erichansa says:

      I've been looking for a slump buster to do some cleaning and jerking. Perfect.

    13. Dave Berezovsky says:

      i'd hit anyone of those

    14. I think these chicks are scary. I'd give them my Horsebanger email instead of a phone number.

    15. Brian D says:

      Most of them are fat asses and the ones that aren't, don't even lift that much! Shows just how superior that males are.

      The strongest women, are like the weakest men.

    16. Karobkafan says:

      It's a little known fact that Ms Karobka trained in a secret Ukraine location where her lifted weight amounts were constantly tracked. At the end of each day, she was rewarded with an equivalent amount of Double-Stuffs. If she wins the gold, the Ukraine government has promised her a week of all-you-can-eat, onsite, at the Oreo factory. Managers there, in a press release today, stated that production has been ramped up in anticipation of the ramifications of this incentive. When contacted for comment, Ms Karobka stated that she will do her talking on the Oreo factory floor, and warned everyone to stay out of her way.

      Police and emergency room workers have been put on stand-by.

    17. latina says:

      I've seen worse ….. are they scary because they are overweight? i think this is stupid…

    18. Tuomas says:

      How awful of these women to pursue other goals in life than "femininity"! There must be something wrong with them! It's a good thing some random bloggers will tell them the proper way women should look and act.

    19. coyo7e says:

      Too bad you didn't show the attractive ones. A lot of Olympic-level women weightlifters are extremely attractive, and you wouldn't even be able to tell they lift weights if you saw them on the street. These ogres are an exception, thankfully.

    20. Ozz says:

      not the most 7 Scariest Women at This Year’s Olympics, the 7 most scariest women of the world … They would make jack the ripper look like a baby

    21. subcorpus says:

      women with beards … ???
      coz of the steroids … ???

    22. Pelly says:

      Hell ! It's a good thing the IOC does tests for "femininity"
      I have my doubts about several…

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    24. Renee says:

      There is nothing scary about them.Just because they don't fit you model of femininity is no reason to 'other' them in this manner.

    25. Rick Cain says:

      I dated a shot putter, despite her masculine body she was very feminine. Don't judge a book by its cover.

    26. Steve says:

      Ha ha! This was funny. These sure are freaky looking women, and I think they enjoy it. Why else would they lift weights? A lot of them are rugged lesbians and take steroids. They would be the "man" in a lesbian relationship. Thanks for the laughs!

    27. me says:

      Anyone seen the softball woman named with last name Bustos. Good lord her voice is deeper than mine.

    28. surprised says:

      they achieved a lot, they're at olympics!
      unlike those who have nothing to do and "feel the urge" to make fun at the looks. before you do that – take a look in a mirrow, mr/ms beautiful:)

    29. blogger is an ass says:

      Oh how awful, that these women pursued their chosen sport to the finest and achieved greatness in weightlifting! Instead of "being feminine". I have no doubt this random blogger and most of those posting comments about femininity are fat, ugly, and have manboobs larger than the bag of chips which is probably all you can lift.. lol..

    30. Jon says:

      Aww come on… these girls are the ultimate baby makers…that's if they can still have babies after all the drugs!

      jon http://www.studlete.com

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    32. Jenny Steele says:

      I was wondering what sites are best to find good lesbian kissing videos?

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    36. […] These women can totally kick your ass. […]

    37. […] Nekrassova most recently came in 9th in the 2007 World Championships and was named one of the Seven Scariest Women at the 2008 Olympics. […]

    38. zdravslog says:

      Необычные фото :)

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