Dress Debate: Erin Andrews Or Heidi Watney



The real reason we got our communications degree – jobs like this

You guys keep asking for sideline reporter news and we continue to provide.

Yesterday we brought you a gallery of the now infamous dress that EA wore to the Cubs-Brewers game.

Today, thanks to the newly released Heidi Watney skirt photos hitting the ‘Net we thought it would be a good time to throw down a Q&A for you guys.

Hotter sideline reporter skirt action: EA or Heidi?

Let the debate rage.


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  1. Freddy Williamson says:


  2. SoxFan says:

    I might be biased living in Boston, but IMHO, Watney is by far the hottest sports reporter ever to grace my 56 inch HD.

  3. J Koot says:

    @ Sox Fan:

    How does Pam Ward look on that 56-incher?

  4. SoxFan says:

    @ J Koot

    Thanks – I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  5. J Koot says:

    Just think of Suzy Kolber and Pam Ward in a sexy lesbian scene with jello and apple sauce.

    It should make you feel better.

  6. Adam says:

    I'll say Heidi Watney, but I wouldn't kick EA out of bed either!

  7. Jason says:

    Heidi Watney all the way… better legs! I'd like to have them wrapped around me.

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  9. jake says:

    Watney is nothing special. She has big hips and ugly knees. And she dresses lick a hick.

  10. BigDog says:

    here's a vote from red sox nation for EA, any day!

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