LSU Robbed In Priceton Review Party School Listing


The infamous “Saban Is A Douche” chick from last fall

When news came out yesterday that the geeks at Princeton released their Top Party School list we nearly choked on our breakfast burrito.

LSU was not included. Not even a special mention.

And that, friends, is a great tragedy to this fine institution.

We’ve profiled this school over the last 8-9 months so you can consider us to be experts in this industry. LSU is in the Top 5. No questions asked.

May we present to you “Multiple Reasons Why LSU Is A Top 5 Party School.”

The Kids: LSU parents get their offspring ready for life early on the Bayou. Toddlers learn to throw down shocker signs and party at BCS bashes (see below) after defeating Ohio State.


The Ladies: This isn’t the University of Florida, but LSU can hold its own with any other SEC school. The best part about the Southern Belles on the Bayou is their ability to throw together some spicy Cajun grub to go with that cold beer.





The Athletes: Ryan Perrilloux is gone but the torch of partying has been passed to other athletes. Take, for instance, the club rugby team at is end of season banquet. They passed around a bottle of Southern Comfort. Princeton obviously didn’t take this into account.




The Tailgating: This is what legends are made of.

The Alumni: We love this LSU fan.

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    1. PennState says:

      Okkkkk… well Penn State has all of that also. Our tailgating though is the best in the nation, hands down. Plus, our alumni association is one of the larget in the nation and alums always go to games and even party at frats. (Trust me, I've seen the latter PLENTY of times.) The girls and athletes are both schools are similar. And when it comes to the kids, first off that shouldn't make a difference but I've seen kids choose Penn State as their dream college before they turned 10 and I've seen high schoolers choose Penn State after visiting and going to the parties. So LSU is not as great of a party school as Penn State, given we got cheated out at 3rd. Should LSU be in the Top 25? Easily. Possibly top 10. But the Top 5 is the elite and beyond. IMO, southern schools should be docked by the fact that they don't have to deal with bad and cold weather. Up at Penn State, we party even if it is a blizzard and it is 5 degrees outside.

    2. J Koot says:

      Given that there is little to do in State College besides drink and have sex, it's easy to see why Penn State is a top ranked party school.

      Now go drink and quit writing so much.

    3. mark says:

      "Okkkkk… well Penn State has all of that also. Our tailgating though is the best in the nation, hands down"

      LSU had to enact a rule keeping RV's off campus until Friday afternoon because on Wednesdays the student parking lots were full of them

    4. Did that guy up there just say that penn state has the best tailgates in the nation? I don't think they even sell pickup trucks in Pennsylvania.

      I live in Austin. I'm positive UT has more hardcore tailgaters than Penn State.

      That being said, I've also been to an LSU nightgame in Baton Rouge. People show up on Wednesdays for those. Texas kids party pretty hard but they don't hold a candle to those fucking cajuns.

    5. golden kid says:

      oook. theres more partying than that going on at a community college i went to.

    6. james black says:

      PSU sucks. come play a real football team in the sec. and how the hell can you even compare PSU tailgating to SEC tailgating? how can you say "Happy Valley" is a good tailgate spot. "Happy Valley" sounds like a place where Barney lives.

    7. Rebels fan says:

      Lsu is not on the list because it cant hang with the big dogs in the SEC when it comes to partying. Ole Miss Georgia and Florida are all ahead of you and rightfully deserve to be. By the way nice pic of the 2 girls making out guess yall forgot to put the video of the 2 lsu men making out.
      Hotty Toddy

    8. L.A. Tiger says:

      But the Top 5 is the elite and beyond. IMO, southern schools should be docked by the fact that they don’t have to deal with bad and cold weather. Up at Penn State, we party even if it is a blizzard and it is 5 degrees outside.

      Please. Why should Southern schools be docked because you yankees are stupid enough to continue living in that crappy weather. LSU by far has the best tailgating in the nation. Boiled shrimp, crabs, jamalaya, etouffee, alligator sauce picante, gumbo and a lot more great food. What does Penn State have? Philly Cheese sandwiches made out of cheez wiz or velveeta.

    9. LSU_Guy says:

      LSU is not listed because the administration has politely asked to no longer be listed in any ranking of party schools. LSU had 2 students die of alcohol poison in the last few years from partying. They are trying to squash that image.

      Louisiana was the last state in the union to change drinking ages. LSU was listed as the #1 party school MANY years. You'll notice 2 other smaller LA schools listed in the top 20, but the flagship not listed? hmmm.

    10. J Koot says:


      The school is trying to squash the party image?

      Doesn't seem its efforts are working.

    11. Geaux Tigers says:

      "oook. theres more partying than that going on at a community college i went to."

      …not really college now is it?

    12. I did a bucket list for tailgaters and listed The Grove at Ole Miss and left an LSU night game off the list. You wouldn't believe the hate mail I got. I just think LSU fans like to maintain a reputation of being partiers but what I saw was a bunch of whiners.

    13. B-reezy says:

      Arizona and SDSU should be on that list.

    14. Jon says:

      LSU clearly got robbed. The only reason they wouldnt be on the list that makes any sense is the claim that the admin asked to not be listed. I cant compare LSU to Penn St tailgating, because all I know is what Ive seen in the SEC and Big 12, and LSU should have been on this top 20 list at the very least.

      Ive been to Loyola, LSU, and UT in Austin for various degrees at various times and I loved all of them. Ive also been to plenty of parties at Tulane when I was at Loyola in New Orleans. LSU is definitely far and away ahead of those other schools in terms of sickest parties and most hard core tailgaters. UT has two major tailgating events for the Burnt Orange faithful, Texas v OU and Texas v A&M, but outside of those two games, the tailgating at most UT games pales in comparison to the tailgating at nearly any LSU game, even non conference opponents. Ask any honest person who's been tailgating at both UT and LSU, the Tigers fans are rabid.

      While I certianly enjoyed my time at Loyola in New Orleans, the notion that it is a top 20 party school ahead of LSU is a joke. Yes, its in New Orleans, and yes there is non stop debauchery available in the French Quarter, several miles from Loyola and Tulane's campus: but if you just look to campus based or school centered parties and exclude city wide events like Mardi Gras, the LSU blows both Tulane and Loyola out of the water. If the basis for the ranking is just plain partying in a city: then why wouldnt every other college in New Orleans be listed?

      Maybe the LSU admin really did ask to stop being listed, or maybe Princeton Review just got tired of including LSU in their top 10 list, otherwise Princeton Review really missed the boat on this one.

    15. atlantagrrl says:

      how about giving credit for the photos you use? i took & posted that photo of "nick saban is a douche"-girl last fall thankeweverymuch!

    16. taylor says:

      the reason LSU is not ahead on the list is because it is not that crazy of a party school. for example, loyola, who placed 20, is the only university in the country that allows alcohol in the dorms, and does not have a drug policy. in new orleans there is basically no drinking age, and students are regularily partying every single night of the week, not just when there is a football game. LSU is just a big school. thats why parties are big. Loyola has only 2500 students and its partys are almost as big. Not to mention it has a week off for mardi gras, is located on st charles, is two blocks from the number 1 college bar in the country, and number 2 dive bar in the country, and is in the city of new orleans which consumes more alcohol than any other city.

      LSU tailgates LSU games. Loyola tailgates Saints games. and we go it better anyways

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