The Differences Between Horse Balls & Brady Quinn


Wait until the gay community find this pic of Brady in tights. ‘Gasms for all!

One likes wearing black tights in 90+ degree temperatures.

The other is straight and doesn’t mind when ladies get a good look at his bare legs.

One will hold a clipboard all season.

The other will enjoy his millions by sliding his left hand under another grown man’s ass.

One will be lusted after by millions of horny gay men.

The other will text message Playmate Sara Jean Underwood.

The backup will shill for Subway and Hummer.

The starter doesn’t have time for endorsements because he has an actual job.

Need we go on. The differences are clear.


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    1. phil says:

      There compression sleeves thats dilate the arteries and veins in the legs allowing for better blood circulation and recovery during the workouts. similar to what hospital outpatients use after surgery. Lebran James, Kobe Bryant and a few other NBA'ers started to wear them as well until the NBA dubbed them a "fashion statement, not performance wear" and baned them.

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