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It’s Training Camp Time For NFL Cheerleaders, Too


It’s not just the football players who are going through NFL training camps.

The cheerleaders are busily preparing their routines, bodies and on-camera smiles for the upcoming season.

Big Gay Rich’s assignment this morning was to cruise camps to gather photographic news of the busty cheerleaders. He sent over an email saying that the SeaGals in Seattle are busy working at a Derrick Trucks concert, and the Redskin ladies are actually on the football practice field shaking it for visitors.




“Fox camera crew 9 o’clock! Let’s see that smile, ladies” [Photo Credit]

In South Carolina, young boys’ dreams came true as they came face-to-face with real life Carolina Pathers cheerleaders who signed 8X10s and gave them a smile.

*Not pictured: Rich’s ‘find’ of Brady Quinn’s tight jersey ass photos.




The SeaGals shake it to a huge Qwest Field audience [Photo Credit]




    1. Beaver says:

      Andy, I'm surprised you passed up the opportunity to say something about the Dong Bong.

      You are slipping.

    2. Andy says:

      I'm like Casey at the Bat, I don't go for the ones that are too easy.

    3. Andy says:

      Cheerleaders represent all that is right and good with America. In other news, tits are great.

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