A Former USC Song Girl And Her Penis Beer Bong


This post wouldn’t have crossed our minds if it wasn’t for this great prop that former USC Song Girl Sarah Carmona calls a “Dong Bong.”

That is news worthy.

A tipster says this photo came from a Song Girl reunion. Sarah finished school in 2005 but hasn’t lost that drive to provide her fans with great photos.


Our subject, right, with a close friend

The story here is that Ms. Carmona looks fun, is single and seems to like making out with chicks. BC seems to be a perfect fit. We are sometimes fun, single and only make out with chicks.

Let’s talk.





    1. bau3r says:

      For a USC Song Girl, she's a little rough looking… I guessing she's the base of the their pyramid? Either that or she's the mercy allowance of the group.

      You know, something to keep up with the equal opportunity rules.

    2. Jack Trotter says:

      Yea, she's a porker and that schnoz looks like Rocky Marciano.

    3. CD says:

      I love the girl in the background in the top photo trying to get her mug into the penis photo.

    4. Blizzard says:

      Out Of all the USC Song Girls, I've always wanted to chloroform, kidnap and fuck the living shit out of Sarah Carmona the most. This Bosomy, Big titted sweater slut always used to jiggle her perfect tits in her tight, custom made tight turtleneck USC Song Girl sweater at events.

    5. Two-Face says:

      Sarah always looked good in her, tight, custom-made USC Song Girl Sweater. She had perfect breasts which she jiggled at the croed seductively.

    6. bobbo says:

      That Sarah chick if fucking HOT, up until now I thought I would only fuck the Bruin Cheerleaders, but damn! I would fuck the shit out out this little hoe.

    7. M says:

      You all are disgustingly degrading to women and have no intelligence whatsoever if you judge someone on a few photos taken in the past.

    8. J Koot says:


      She posed for the photo.

      Ms. Song Girl is degrading herself. We're just reporting it for the masses.

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    10. Penis Growth says:

      You will be OK man.

    11. Rich says:

      What's up with her cholla eyebrows? They look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie!

    12. LBjim says:

      Miss Carmona's next step: REHAB

    13. Cynicali428 says:

      You can't have it both ways "M", I knew her at SC so I'm not judging by a few photos. The point is when someone who is supposed to be role model to young girls and represents the Song Girls who supposedly are accountable to higher moral standards lets everybody down with lascivious and lewd behavior they are the ones who are degrading to women and have no intelligence. If you don't like the the kind of attention Sarah is getting now from the bloggers you should be angry at her.

    14. Kel says:

      Hate to break the news to all you guys here but Sarah got married this past weekend.

    15. Blizzard says:

      Yeah, I heard, Who the fuck is Luke Rasmussen? Probably some rich prick who never had to work a day in his life. This doesn’t change anything, Sarah’s still my favorite former USC Song Girl.

    16. giragos says:

      that’s teni panosian in the background smiling like a little bitch. don’t believe the front she puts up.

    17. Matt says:

      The “Dong Bong” is sick. I need to get that for the girls.

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    19. guyin says:

      wow….I like it

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