U.S. Army Pricks Deny Caleb Campbell NFL Dream


U.S. Army gets free, feel good, advertising at the NFL Draft. [Credit]

How much would it have cost the U.S. Army to advertise itself to the NFL viewing public at the Draft?

How much would the U.S. Army have paid to get positive articles into newspapers sports sections across this country?

Shame on the U.S. Army for pulling the rug on Caleb Campbell. Shame on the policy makers who used this guy.

We don’t want to make a habit of straying from chicks, booze and stupid football tidbits but this news of Campbell being told, as NFL camps open, that his ass is going to Iraq rubs us wrong.


Sorry, brah, you owe us service even though we made our money back in advertising

They let Campbell work his ass off to prepare for camp and then tell him its all over. Pricks.

Then we get these idiots saying the government spent a shitload of money on the guy’s education. And how much did the Army save by using Caleb as an advertising tool. $1 million? $1.5? More? We say they saved more than that education cost.

And uber-prick Matt Millen loses his 7th round pick in this mess. Now when the Lions finish 3-13 he’ll have a reason.

Army Mishandled Caleb Campbell Situation [Detroit Free Press]

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    1. Matt Hanson says:

      Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

      Matt Hanson

    2. Be All You Can Be! says:

      BS! He's a soldier first, football player second. The mission always comes first. Believe it or not, some things are more important than sports. Those of us who have answered the call, bared the burden, understand. His commitment will probably be cut short and then he can peruse an NFL career.

      The Army “mishandle” his situation… HA! When doesn't the Army mishandle a situation? Like the thousands of soldiers before him; been there, done that, have the DD214. Now suck it up and soldier on!

      Charlie Mike Lt Campbell!

    3. J Koot says:

      No one said that football came first.

      The military said he could play and then pulled the carpet at the last second after they used the guy for millions worth of free advertising.

      That, sir, is pure bullshit.

    4. dan says:

      J Koot
      you are wrong and uninformed. For one he is at the will of the Army. However the Army did say yes, but the Dept of Defense (DOD)said no. Last time I checked the DOD is the Army's boss (so to speak) so they changed the ruling. Plus this guy signed a contract to serve the Army at their will. SO they can change their mind and this guy must do as they say. Why dont you educate yourself on the issue and what he is required to live up to before opening your mouth and look like fool you are

    5. J Koot says:


      I understand he's at the will of the Army.

      No debating that. The issue here is that the Army and the government had no problem using this guy for advertising and propaganda.

      The same way the NFL used Pat Tillman as a symbol.

      Roger Goodell won't even talk to the Tillman family.

      The story here is that those in charge felt the need to string the guy along.

    6. mike says:

      I like this kids response to disapointment. His comment that he had entered into this to be an officer origionally and that he had a duty to the army was exactly right.

      You take the kings coin (education) and you play the kings rules.

      He is a stand up guy and I am proud for him and his actions in this.


    7. dan says:

      Fair enough. But this should have never been an issue in the first place.
      But then again we live in an age where proganda and media attention is all the rage

      love this site BTW

    8. J Koot says:


      You are so correct that this should have never been an issue. The Army should have this rule in blood before an athlete wears the jersey.

      Thanks for supporting the site. We try hard to stay away from such subjects.

    9. manny says:

      He was given a full ride in school, PAID about $1000 a month and he was told and it was known that he would have to serve in the Army once he was done.

      If you actually read the ruling, he is getting off easier than Army guys used to get off. In the past you would have to serve the full 5 years. Due to this case, they changed the rules the way the Navy has where someone with 'excepitonal public relations potential' can PETITION for leave after 2 years (and it's not guaranteed).

      My god they tried to waive service all together for the guy to try to help recruiting, it was a 'no go.'

      Sorry, you sign up for the armed forces you are in. If he didn't like the terms of the deal don't sign the contract and take the money.

      I know personal accountability is a lost concept in this country but trust me it still exists.

    10. J Koot says:


      Where do you see us saying he didn't like the terms of the deal?

      Our point, again, is that they used him and then pulled the rug.

      That's it.

    11. About time! says:

      U.S. Army pricks? How about LT Campbell prick? He's the one who used the Army for four years to free ride his way through college in hopes of playing in the NFL. Saying his first duty is to serve is complete bullshit on his part. If it was his first duty, how come it takes a change in Army policy for LT Campbell to admit so? I'm glad he's finally come to the realization that the NFL can not "save him from Iraq," as some newspapers put it. The Army gives him orders and, yes, he needs to obey them. Screw football. Our nation is at war.

      And just curious, most critics were happy that Campbell would be a great recruting tool for the Army, yet, noone is arguing that point now that he can't play. All anyone is saying is, "too bad for the Lions," "now Campbell can't live out his boyhood dream," etc. etc. Why isn't anyone saying, "Oh, too bad. The Army could've used him as a great recruiting tool." Just shows how dumb some people are when it comes to this issue. Campbell should serve, and I hope he serves in an office away from real soldiers. He decisions and attitude sicken me.

      – Current Army Officer

    12. J Koot says:

      @ Current Army Officer

      How do you feel about the minor league baseball player from Army who got to play ball instead of serving his nation?

    13. a current army Serge says:

      I"m active duty in the army and I think he got Fucked! Yeah he has an obligation to the military, ok make him serve in the National guard or some shit!!! The Army and the DOD fucked him, just like the Navy fucked that one guy that got drafted into the MLB. What's letting one person go play in the NFL really going to do to ours numbers in the army? JACK SHIT!!!! Think about it, The odds of cadets getting drafted into any major league sport is slim to none anyway. So why fuck this guy over like that. It's just another way uncle sam lets us know he's got anyone of us in the military or associated to the military by the balls!!!!

    14. Mark Bauer says:

      The pitcher is from the Naval Academy and is required to serve 5 years. (Like David Robinson did, 2 years active and 3 reserve). Robinson exceeded the height standards for service on ships, subs and aircraft because he grew a 5 inches during his tenure in Annapolis.

      This guy should serve his country that gave him the equivalent of a Ivy League education, with the promise that he would serve. It's time that he man-up and do what he said he would do.

      If he doesn't I want my money back.

      As for recruiting, uh, I don't think anyone joins the Army because of a professional football player.

      There are guys that do their service and then play: David Robinson, Roger Staubach, Chad Hennings and Phil McConkey.

    15. jfly101 says:

      any one who is a pawn in the governments chess match is a tool to me
      he should say fuck u throw me in jail…. I would but then again
      I walk my own path and am my own man

    16. Champ says:

      I'm not about to say he shouldn't have to follow through with his commitment to the Army, but what happened to him is pretty fucked up. I don't understand why they won't let him play.
      Soldiers overseas would love to watch a fellow Army grad play in the NFL every Sunday. If he has the talent to play in the NFL, gets drafted, the Army gives their OK, he goes to training camp…. let the damn kid play some football. This is all a bunch of bullshit.
      When he comes back after his (hopefully only) 2 years, I'll be rooting for him to show what he could have done if they would have let him play.

    17. Patriot says:

      You've ALL missed the point here.

      The Army kept him from transferring out.
      He was going to transfer after his sophomore year, so that he could play in NFL.
      The rule is, you can transfer after sophomore year and you owe them nothing.
      However… they promised him he would be able to play if he was drafted.
      Then, after fullfilling his obligation and staying… they changed their minds… thereby completing the "BETRAYAL"… and they "F'd" him.

      I am all for the idea that you have an obligation if you join the Military.
      But if they make rules, and you follow them, and they get you to stick around by making "PROMISES"… then they owe it to you to keep their bargain just as you are keeping yours.

      This is a stand up guy.

      And the Army "F'd" him… right after getting massive publicity.


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