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An Early Contender For USC Song Girl Of The Year


Lindsey, left, is in our Top 3 USC Song Girls to keep an eye on in ’08

Screw the early leaders for the Heisman Trophy.

We are here for the good stuff and hopefully all of you recent complainers enjoy this preliminary look at the Busted Coverage USC Song Girl of the Year competition.

Say hello to Lindsey. Our good friends at National Lampoon’s Splog tipped us off to this brunette who cheers on Mark “Dirty” Sanchez and the rest of the Trojans.

While the Sploggers made a decent attempt to bring attention, it is our God-given blogger talent to bring you 9 shots of the Lindsey as she attempts to be crowned the top Song Girl for ’08.

What are you waiting for? Get a better look after the jump.



Lindsey, left, doing a man’s job


Our Song Girl, middle, with Mister Thumb near her right ear


That black top might be the best swimsuit we’ve seen all summer




    1. My question is, who is the blonde with the even larger rack of melons? LORDY

    2. J Koot says:

      We're currently efforting.

    3. These girls definitely aren't from Nebraska.

    4. J Philly says:

      Fight On, Baby Girl!

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    7. dino says:

      that boob job she got was awful; won't get my vote

    8. I may have gone to the wrong college.

    9. johnsutter says:

      Yes, the blonde. She is hot, son.

    10. Know Her says:

      I know her. She is from Del Mar, CA. She went to a christian school there and got a horrid boob job as a graduation gift. Also she plumps her lips. She isn't a whore that I know of. Haha.

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    12. sportzbuzz says:

      so the chick in the first picture did end up winning the song girl award?

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    14. I've enjoyed reading this post, thanks. We've justhad our first baby 8 weeks ago and thisis exactly what I was looking for, keep up the good work.

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