After Dinner Mint: Selita Banks Once Dated Osi
Selita Ebanks – See more hot women
We’ve teamed with the folks at Chickipedia to bring you a great way to spend your evening. This feature is now called “After Dinner Mint” and will appear in this time slot for your overnight entertainment.From The Selita Ebanks File:

Famous Quote: “Victoria is running out of Secrets.”

Age: Birth class of ’83

From: Chick hotbed Grand Cayman Island

Vices: Buds with Tyra Banks

Known For: Once put her mammaries into a $4.5 million bra

Once Dated: The famous shitter Osi Umenyiora

Ms. Ebanks has had quite a career looking hot. She’s strutted for Victoria’s Secret and dozens of fashion mags. She’s worked runways around the world and after a soul food dinner we finish it off with a double shot of Selita.


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    1. I am a Giants fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
      I really liked your blog with the Giants mention item. I grew up watching Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms.
      I try to follow as much NFL news as I can with the internet.

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