2008 Laker Girl Hopefuls Shake It To Join Team


You just knew the 2008 Laker Girl auditions would bring out all types who dream of shaking it for Kobe, Phil and Sasha.

There were all sorts of breeds on hand yesterday in El Segundo as the infamous team allowed dreamers wearing leotards and sports bras to show their stuff.


Suck it up. This is your chance to shake it for Jack Nicholson.

Our extensive research shows that even women (moms?, above) who look like they should be sipping cocktails at the country club wasted a Saturday to see if they still had ‘it.’

The dreamers were sent packing and the 20-somethings proved that the right package for this team is blonde, 22, 36 (full) C and sporting a 6 pack.

*We’re only providing you with 6 photos. CBS2 has the entire 70 picture set to keep you busy while Greg Norman blows the British Open.


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    1. Mark Green says:

      It's sad when the Lakers had an amazing girl like Miss Jessica (formerly of the Golden State Warrior Girls) try out yesterday for the squad and got "cut". I mean a 2 season veteran of one of the NBA's hottest dance squads???! Who are these judges?! Is Paula one of them and possibly having too many morning cocktails?!

      I'm now convinced that the reason why the Laker Girls aren't the "Glam Ladies of the NBA" anymore is because they cut a girl like Jessica and leave the ones that we see year after year. NO cute, fresh faces-no real personality…just aging mid-20 yr olds who look like they were rejects from The Bachelor. That's definitely the reason why the Heat, Warriors and other squads have now taken over the title of "the Glam Girls of the NBA". Maybe you should check out Jessica (she was on the cover of their calendar last year) and then go ask Jerry WHY they don't have a gorgeous talent like her on their squad?! Personally, I'm just excited for a new season to start and I can say-at LEAST we (Laker fans) get to watch our team make it thru the Playoffs. The Heat and Warriors may have all the beautiful fun girls. but we have players who win. Hopefully soon we can have something to look at more than Kobe's wife in the seats. Hey! maybe she’s looking for something to do during games. It's a thought….

    2. Tyson says:

      If the chick in the yellow is a mom she's a frickin' MILF!!!…she's way hotter than any of the other bitches in the photo…hello ghetto bitch on the right needs to cut down on the sol glo!!! I like how you claim your "extensive research" these are photos from CBS so you obviously haven't done that much research…i highly doubt hottie in the yellow is mom considering her abs!!!

    3. Michael says:

      Wow…that's super milf, if that lady is a mom! I highly doubt that she is a mom with that stomach. I hope to see Ms. Yellow next season and I bet Jack Nicholson would too.

      Mike D.
      Long Beach, CA

    4. Matt says:

      HELLO YELLOW!!! I'll be watching for the new Laker line-up looking for Ms. Yellow. She's as hot as a firecracker on the fourth of July. Glad to see a hot classy chick like that will hopefully cheering our Lakers on, and I think our Hollywood fan base will enjoy watching the blonde beauty too! GO LAKERS!…GO MS. YELLOW!

      Pasadena, CA

    5. Angelo Cervantes says:

      Go Yellow, Go Lakers! I can't wait to see that hottie next year!

      Kobe 4 Pres.

    6. Yellow Love!!! says:

      GO YELLOW all the way! Ms. Yellow, "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine…" I'm so drunk off your love…I fink I wuv you!!!

      Looking for you on the court next year Sunshine!!

      –Nick M.

    7. Angelo Cervantes says:

      Go Yellow, Go Lakers! I can’t wait to see that hottie next year!

      Kobe 4 Pres.

    8. Angelo Cervantes says:

      Go Yellow, Go Lakers! I can’t wait to see that hottie next year!

      Kobe 4 Pres.

    9. Angelo Cervantes says:

      Go Yellow, Go Lakers! I can’t wait to see that hottie next year!

      Kobe 4 Pres.

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