Daily Dump: Latest Affliction News, Shea Stadium Dancing, Ashley Harkleroad Nudes & Jennifer Garner Buttertoe

Week In Review: Mud Wrestling, Hot Chicks Answer Questions, Titletown Sucks & Implant MadnessWeek In Review: Mud Wrestling, Hot Chicks Answer Questions, Titletown Sucks & Implant Madness
Ashley Harkleroad Playboy Photo Minus MolesAshley Harkleroad Playboy Photo Minus Moles




Nina, unlike Ashley, has no use for Photoshop. More photos (minor NSFW). 

Lets see, it’s going to be 90+, humid, rainy, sticky.

Our plan is to catch some golf, maybe a little baseball and finally take a closer look at those Harkleroad Playboy photos. 

Check back later as we analyze the Photoshopping of Ashley and those pesky moles she sports. 

Today’s Dump:

The latest news from tonight’s scheduled Affliction [CagePotato]

10 things better for golfers than playing in British Open [World of Issac]

Canadian football players don’t mind pics of Bomber cheerleaders [Don Chavez]

EA more than a 5-10 blond reporter [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Archie talks about Tebow and winning Heisman twice [Heisman Pundit]

Shea Stadium embarrassed yet again by horrible dancing [Uncoached]

New Adidas logo a little Nazi-ish? [Machochip]

We’re not sure Laila Ali is hot, but she’s on this list [Boosh]

Brady Quinn won’t think this is very funny [Blog of Hilarity]

Today’s Tail: 

Ashley Harkleroad (NSFW!) Playboy photos [on205th]

Audrina Patridge sucking on a straw in a bikini [Drunken Stepfather]

Her name is Smirnoff and she’s smoking in red dress [Celebridiot]

Jennifer Garner is a Buttertoe [Holy Taco]

Hot and rainy where you are today? Stay inside and keep busy [Coed]

Rosario Dawson, uh, has huge boobs [CelebSlam]

Christina Aguilera and her ever increasing boobs [Banned In Hollywood]

Speaking of huge boobs, check out these monsters [Flatusyahu]

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