Daily Dump: ESPY Talent On Display, Huge WAG Link Dump, Kardashian’s Giant Ass News And Claire Danes Holding Together

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She made us renew our Hungarian FHM subscription. More photos.

The ESPYs were held last night – if you care.

It was a great chance for athletes to praise each other for surviving another year on the $33.75 million contract and an excellent  opportunity to check out the latest talent on the sports scene. 

Otherwise, it was the worst sports day of the year.

Today’s Dump:

A new list of athletes who don’t deserve their WAGs [Guanabee]

This is Michael Jordan’s latest WAG [Machochip]

WAG Off Day 4: Oksana vs. Jennifer [on205th]

Speaking of giant ass WAG, Reggie wants Kim working out [NFL Juice]

Doughboy Goodell wants less gang sings in the NFL [Friends of the Program]

He’s a punk, not a gang member; HHR talks with Scott Radinsky [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Blogger does sports V-Cast from his couch, talks Josh Hamilton [The Meaningful Collateral]

Speaking of rednecks, how about the All-Redneck team [Angry T]

2008 Superhero All-Star Team finds The Thing batting cleanup [Brahsome]

5 other worst days in history that trump Uggla’s all-star performance [Rumors and Rants]

Andy Dick seems to have fallen off the wagon (mug shot greatness) [Holy Taco]

Shocker! Barenaked Ladies singer caught with coke [CelebSlam]

This loser spent $1k a week on booze [Uncoached]

Today’s Tail: 

Miami Dolphin cheerleader is now famous thanks to Don [Don Chavez]

You could bounce a penny off Amanda Carrier [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

More Megan Fox than you can possibly stand [Coed]

Claire Danes holding together just fine, thank you [Drunken Stepfather]

Some futbol star and his chick on a boat in the ocean [Flatusyahu]

Paris Hilton managed to get her boobs into this outfit [Dirty Rotten W#$re]

Fabiana has qualities that usually lead to modeling [Bastardly]