Erin Andrews & Her Nice Bare Legs At Titletown


Those shoes look very similar to the ones Traina caught her wearing in NY

We knew these photos had to exist.

It’s been nearly a week since EA joined Tebow for a lovefest in Gainesville and not a single leg shot of our favorite sideline reporter had surfaced.

But the Gods delivered this morning. Not only do you get to see Erin’s shoe choice, but Tebow’s too.

Timmy was rocking the Crocs just like he was in Thailand where he was doing the Heisman with the baby.


In closing, Erin is still single and so are we. (More photos after the jump.)







    1. Jim Smith says:

      She is indeed a fine young lady. However does she have better legs than Anita Marks an ESPN radio host, and former standout football player and tremendous athlete, in Baltimore Md.? Both a very beautiful women…

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