Stacy Keibler eBay Bikini Auction Out Of Control


Our regular readers might remember the news we brought you last month about Stacy Keibler cleaning out her closet.

She’s liquidating several items of clothing she just doesn’t need anymore – like her zebra bikini. Or the silver dress (that is now owned by Busted Coverage! See photos after the jump!).

But not without a fight.

In her latest round of eBay auctions, Stacy is seeing huge bids for the bikini ($460) followed closely by a zebra outfit ($420) she wore to a WrestleMania.

At these prices we feel much better about getting in early on her silver dress. Looks like a possible doubler for Busted Coverage.


That’s right, people. Let’s see another sports blog with cooler memorabilia



We’ve yet to break the seal on the baggie holding our connection to Stacy

The cool part about investing in Stacy’s clothing is the fact that you get emails from the leggy WWE legend. We printed it out and stuck it onto the company refrigerator. It’s a reminder of just how far this blog has come – or sunken.

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