Daily Dump: Carrie Underwood Hits Beach, ARod Strokes It, Mottram Lets Loose And Coco In USA Bikini

It's Lynn Swan With One 'N' At Tahoe Golf BashIt's Lynn Swan With One 'N' At Tahoe Golf Bash
How Not To Catch A Batting Practice DingerHow Not To Catch A Batting Practice Dinger




What a moron. He’s on the phone while Carrie tans half naked on some beach. 

Here is the plan today: watching women’s golf (in person), avoid lightning strikes, pool time and beers.  

Get us those links for tomorrow’s dump. Many of you are slacking.  

Today’s Dump:

Boner alert! Carrie Underwood hits the beach [CelebSlam]

Tapping into an ARod, Kravitz & Madonna conversation [Liquid Generation]

Watch it as ARod strokes it to Madonna [on205th]

Mottram lets loose on Titletown bullshit [Mister Irrelevant]

Paula Creamer goes 60-65 to lead tournament; has nice legs [World of Isaac]

Countdown to Miss Universe is on [Cuzoogle]

How to kill an entire golf course [Tasty Booze]

Olympics will have some great late-night ent. [Bright Black Internet]

It’s going to be rainy at BC HQ; this should keep us busy [Coed]

Possibly the most disturbing photo you’ll see all day [Uncoached]

Ice T’s b$%ch Coco is quite patriotic [Celebidiot]

One way to fill up the gas tank [Banned in Hollywood]

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