Tim Tebow And A Baby Do The Heisman!


Where in the world is Tim Tebow, you ask?

At this moment we aren’t sure. He has that interview with Erin Andrews scheduled, but BC can report that Superman was in Chiang Mai recently to pose with babies, in his Crocs.

Here is Tim in yet another trendy shirt during his Chiang Mai trip.

Heisman and humanitarian. Is there anything this guy can’t accomplish in life?




    1. kellex says:

      is he really wearing those f-ing crocs? wow…i didn't have much respect for him anyway, but that really just pushed it over the edge.

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    4. Diane says:

      You Tim Tebow haters are just EXTREMELY JEALOUS!!!! You probably hate all decent people and those who excel at anything! GET A LIFE AREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

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