Erin Andrews, ESPN Back To Tebow Interview Well


You too spent your summer reading Dostoyevsky? Tim, you are the greatest!

Sick of seeing Tim Tebow getting face time with Erin Andrews?

Prepare yourself to vomit for about the next 9 months.

ESPN will milk Tebow’s senior junior season until the very last drop. The suckfest begins Thursday as EA will be back at the Swamp as the World Wide Leader stupidity called Titletown (idea stolen from Canada’s CBC?) comes to town.

Of course fans are invited since they have little to do on a Thursday afternoon. Does anyone work down there?

The Pensacola News-Journal has the details:

UF graduate and ESPN reporter Erin Andrews will do an interview with Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow on Thursday afternoon at Florida Field. The school will be featured on SportsCenter on Monday.

*Note to ESPN talent personnel: Put EA in something tight, accentuating. Archive the dress she wore to the spring game.

Not good.




    1. Mr Mufakka says:

      "ESPN will milk Tebow’s senior season until the very last drop."

      Just to clarify, this is Tebow's JUNIOR season.

    2. J Koot says:

      Damn, you are right.

      We forgot there are two more years of this garbage. No way he turns pro after this season. Something tells me he gets hurt this year, comes back for senior season and wins another Heisman.

    3. Yo Mamma says:

      I don't get it? Why is everybody upset? You get to see Erin Andrews for Christ Sake!!!! And arguably the best football player in the land. So, everybody shut your pie-holes and watch the greatness which is Erin Andrews and Tim Tebow.

      Wouldn't it be great if they spawned children together?

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    5. Gators says:

      Uh Oh!!!! I think I see a "Gator Hater" in the midst…

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