Greg Cote, Dan LeBatard Prove Life Exists After 40


Dan knows how to pick the “interns.”

These photos come to Busted Coverage via the Kimbo Slice Watch Party for the boys of ESPN 790.

This chick, Christina, is referred to as the LeBatard Show “Super Intern”. You can make your own assumptions.

The other old guy getting close with Christina is none other than Miami Herald scribe Greg Cote. It’s great to see that hot chicks aren’t put off by fat, out of shape media types. Now if we could only find the same for dumpy sports bloggers.




    1. hugh says:

      not ESPN 790… 790 The Ticket, not an ESPN radio affiliate

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    3. brandon says:

      I love how there are computer FAGS like hugh above, who instead of noticing the giant TITS on the intern, corrects you about your ESPN/790 the ticket reference. What a tool…..Damn she is hot—Nice to see we are still hiring bases on "references" still!

    4. Nick says:

      Looks like Erin Andrews days of glory are numbered. At least we have a real life hot chick now. Andrews isn't all that great, she's just the best looking chick in a field littered with ugly people.

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