42 Radio Minutes & 42 Pictures Of Jenn Sterger

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Much was made yesterday of the Jenn Sterger ESPN 1470 interview where the implanted Goddess took a couple swipes at Erin Andrews and Jill Arrington.
Now we can provide you with audio links so you listen to the entire 42 minutes of Instant Classic (Part 1 has EA disscussion) radio goodness. (Ok, so it’s not so great). Can sports radio douchebags get any more annoying than these Tampa idiots?

“What do you look for in a guy?”

“Would you date a radio host jerkoff?”

“I don’t think those breasts are real?”

“We’ll have to feel them.”

Some of that was exaggerated.

Even her college GPA comes up in this discussion. If you can stand all 42 minutes, by all means, we’ll buy you a beer if BC ever crosses your path. So that you can enjoy the show, here are 42 pictures of Jenn showing off those precious implants. It should make the pain easier to take.



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