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6 Skirt Disasters For British Grand Prix Grid Girls


At least she didn’t forget her granny panties

Welcome to the Santander British Grand Prix where the wind was blowing this weekend and the Grid Girls had to multitask.

Holding a sign and keeping your skirt from flying up is hard work. Thankfully a photographer was on the scene to bring us these classic Marilyn Monroe moments as thousands of horny English men with yellow teeth smile in happiness.

One chick even forgot to wear her undies (after jump) and will go down in Santander history. All we can say is thanks.

* Lewis Hamilton won the race…if you really care.






Just when she tried to keep her skirt down the damn sign snapped in the high winds

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    5. one of the reasons why i love grand prix

    6. oink says:

      I wish she blow her skirt towards me i would like to look under that sexy pants and nice ass too…

      God bless our US Troops ~~!!

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