Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Back From Vacation

Happy 4th of July...Brother!Happy 4th of July...Brother!
Mexican Women Shoots Bottle Rockets Out Of AssMexican Women Shoots Bottle Rockets Out Of Ass



Ladies, of course we missed you, especially Sheri Daniels

Thanks to all of you who visited while we were on vacation. Pumping out 7-8 posts, each day, for several months takes a toll and ensures that vacation is a must have in the summer. So here we are, July 6, and the football season is fast approaching.

We pop a chub just thinking of all the tailgating, bongs, Southern chicks in sun dresses and a little pigskin.

BC is back and primed for a run through the late summer and fall to provide you with the best football drunken coverage you won’t see in the daily newspaper or on ESPN.

Today’s Dump:

ARod stolen from family by cultish sect? [NY Post]

Rampage-Griffin wasn’t exactly a classic [Cage Potato]

We’d prefer to see a UFC guy try this [Coed]

Blogger celebrates a major milestone – one year in blogosphere [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Buy Phil Mickelson’s house [Sports By Brooks]

It’s good to be a Yankee [Ryan Parker Songs]

World’s Hottest Rite Aid Shopper! [Flatusyahu]

Tara Reid continues Hollywood comeback [Drunken Stepfather]

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey stroll the beach [Banned In Hollywood]

Kim Kardashian and her fat ass out on the town [Bright Black Internet]

How to embarrass the boss: Post his breakdancing video [Holy Taco]

Posters that will really motivate your lazy ass [on205th]

Gabrielle Richen will give you reasons to get motivated [Uncoached]

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