Little Bitch Pete Wentz Throws Cubs First Pitch


Pete Wentz throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley Field?

What, the Cubs couldn’t get some emo idiot off the streets of Wrigleyville?

Sure, the guy has Windy City ties. He grew up on the north side, went to school in the ‘burbs, played trashy bars near DePaul, blah, blah, blah.

But does that give him the right to bring his wimpy high tops onto the same mound that Fergie Jenkins proudly toed?

Baseball can eliminate the Hall of Fame Game. How about eliminating dorky, comb-over, 150 pound lead singers of horrible bands from ever taking the field?

Marisa Miller should have taken his place. Actually, she should be hired to throw out the first pitch – every home game.


Never again. Never!

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    1. Andy says:

      Reason #23914505 why the Cubs are fucking terrible. They deserve their curse along with a huge box of AIDS.

    2. Scott says:

      admit this is horrible, but he isn't a lead singer

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    6. ashley says:

      who ever said pete was a bitch is the bitch, you dont just go running around throwin names out at people like pete just because youre jelous. seriously, get real, and a life. dont hate. and high tops are the shit, why do you think theyve been around since like, forever!
      oh and petes the shit too. so suck my dick stupid ass cunt.

      and whatever the hell youre talking about eliminating lead singers with come overs and horrible bands, say what you want, as long as youre not talking about fall out boy. cuz thats a load of bullshit. theyre like the #1 band if the mother fucking usa. jelous jelous jelous. hater hater hater. asshole asshole asshole.fuck yoooooooou!

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