Buy Stacy Keibler Worn Blue Short Shorts, Swimsuit

Update: Would you pay $700 to hold Stacy Keibler’s shorts in your sweaty, clammy hands. Let’s face it, this might be your last chance (auctions end today!) to get inside Keibler’s pants because after this auction and the likely creepy emails, Stacy might give up on this eBay idea. 

We still suggest the red swimsuit. Two pieces of clothing for one price. Now that’s a deal.


Like Elton John cleaning out his closet, WWE Diva Stacy Keibler is doing the same.

And your dream of wrapping your arms around her tight blue short shorts can come true – minus the hot chick. Ms. Keibler is in the middle of her first eBay auction and bidders (male?) are like rabid dogs as bidding for such items as her swimsuit, a pair of boots and a silver dress.


Personally, the red swimsuit would look good on the BC office mannequin.

Here are the details of where it appeared:

WWE Divas 2004 “Beauty and the Beach” – July 20, 2004 issue

WWE RAW magazine, Sept. 2004 issue

But at a $202 bid our dream may have to wait. That is like 4 tanks of gas. Is this a legit auction, you ask? Well, we found this news via the Ring Posts blog where Stacy does personal interviews and talks why she won’t do Playboy.

This is the real deal , folks.



[Stacy Keibler photo gallery]

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    1. Mr BBI says:

      I dont want to get into a bidding war with you so let me know if you change your mind about that red swimsuit – im bidding on the shorts myself!!!

    2. J Koot says:

      Any plans of what to do with those shorts?

    3. How much for the legs?

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    7. manny says:

      I'll start bidding once they include Stacy with them.

    8. Brent says:

      I'd bid if she would do a special delivery!

    9. […] Stacy Keibler’s used shorts are for sale on Ebay – [Busted Coverage] […]

    10. Jake says:

      Is she putting any thongs she wore while on Dancing With The Stars. I really liked that black "piece".

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