Playboy Miss July 2008 Laura Croft Classic Photos


Maybe a little nutty but that works for us

Meet Laura Croft.

No, not that one. The chick we’re talking about is still in college at Flagler (Fla.) College and will become world famous as Playboy’s Miss July 2008. She’s a communications major with a minor in art history. She worked for Hooters and now hangs with the Girls Next Door.

But what she may become even more famous for are these classic shots dating back to 2006 where she seems to have an infatuation with giving the finger and being somewhat (you be the judge) crazy. We’re still trying to figure out why she has a spatula on a boat.

But we like it, especially the photo where she drags out her black friend. No photo gallery is complete without a shot of the Playmate holding a big black monster toy. Good times!

[Meet Laura Croft: Video]

[Jacksonville Playmate enjoying life at Playboy Mansion]


And Video



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    2. Danny says:

      Hot and crazy…I can handle it!

      Besides…I have a few suggestions where she can stick that finger.

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    4. […] Playboy Miss July 2008 Laura Croft Classic Photos […]

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    6. wyche128 says:

      She loves that finger. That's all right. She is HOT

    7. Brian Warner says:

      Can't believe that was my prom date… Wow I feel cool lol.

    8. Butch VonBusch says:

      That is not a spatula it is a wooden spoon and she will beat you ass with it!

    9. j-leo says:

      Classy. Real Classy.

    10. Andrew Peterson says:

      if she came out to california i would find her and spank her

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    13. Daavid says:

      The middle finger in one photo is COOL, in two photos-INTERESTING but in each and every photo…that's just RUDE!
      Well i guess when you're that sexy and have a super cool name, it's your prerogative. But man o man is she sexy!!!

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