Why Is Terrelle Pryor In Arnold Palmer's Office?


Nice sweater vest

Our Indian freelance research assistants have been working for hours without sleep to find word on why Terrelle Pryor would be meeting with Arnold Palmer – in his personal office in late May.

As the photographer states, this is like the Oval Office.

And some 18-year-old punk who just graduated from high school and hasn’t taken a college snap is already hanging with the legend.

Our question to our loyal readers is why? Who takes Pryor to meet Arnie?

Pipe up on this one.


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    1. gibbs12 says:

      this makes zero sense but i do like that he's already adjusting to the Tressel method of dressing.

    2. jody rope says:

      The Memorial golf tournament at Muirfield in Dublin, (Columbus) Ohio.
      Two PA guys plan to go. Arnie trying to get 'em dates.

    3. […] Why Is Terrelle Pryor In Arnold Palmer’s Office? […]

    4. Arnold Palmer owns Latrobe Country Club and went to Latrobe High School which is about 20 minutes from Jeanette high school where Pryor played. He has been the talk of that area since he was in about 8th grade.

    5. The real questions is why is P.J. Carlesimo in Arnold Palmer's office.

    6. J Koot says:

      If Arnie is inviting Pryor into his private sanctuary, this guy must be special.

      What's next, boating with Ced Benson?

    7. I live in Columbus, OH and I posted something on my blog a few months ago that got picked up by awful announcing and the big lead…terelle pryor was having dinner with cris carter

    8. J Koot says:

      I guess I could see the Cris Carter connection.

      Still efforting on Pryor-Arnie.

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