6 Golf Stretching Exercises From Natalie Gulbis


This one works the entire package

If you play golf, you’ve been there.Wake up after a Friday night bender. Arms feel like those jello shots you were pounding. Legs feel tight from sitting in the drunk holding tank at the city jail.

But you have a 7:30 a.m. tee time and need to get a good stretch in before teeing off the back in a 8 keg shotgun start tournament. It’s imperative that you follow these “6 Steps To Getting Limber” brought to you today by our resident expert, Natalie Gulbis.


The upright keg stand exercise is perfect for sore shoulders



We’re not sure what this one is but it’s hot



This is for our female audience. Learn this one.



It’s not all about the upper body. Don’t forget to stretch the legs.



And finally…we’re out of witty comments for these photos.

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