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Stanley Cup Goes Bar Hopping At Cheli's


Let the party begin, Stanley is in the house

Let the beer flow from the Stanley Cup.That was the case at Chris Chelios’ bar, Cheli’s, over the weekend as fans got in line to drink some cheap ass watered down beer from Lord Stanley. Chris Osgood stood on the bar, pouring beer into the Cup and Brett Lebda did the pouring as fans got to take part in one of the coolest victory celebrations we’ve ever seen.

When is the last time you saw fans eating moonshine soaked cherries from the tips of the World Series trophy?

The Cup remains the greatest trophy in all of sports because of its party abilities. Just think of the bong competitions taking place with that piece of hardware.

Luckily, some Detroit fans will be able to tell their grandchildren they sipped fine American suds from the same cup handled by Darren McCarty. Now that is an accomplishment.


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    1. manny says:

      it still disgusts me to see Chelios with a Red Wings shirt on.

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