Daily Dump: Amy Winehouse A Scabby Mess, Give Erin Andrews A Call, Jenna Bursts And Take A Leak On A Golf Course



Brazil remains on our “Top 5 Must Visit Before We Die” list 

What a week. We brought the world news of the Patriots signing an 18-year-old to the cheerleading roster. There were new Taryne Mowatt pictures and this Laker Girl.

We just want to say thanks to all of you who continue to send in those links. Without them it would take hours of searching the Net and that would cut into our porn time. Thanks for understanding. 

Today’s Dump:

Amy Winehouse is a scabby, whitetrash mess [Holy Taco]

The coolest jacuzzi you’ll ever see [Uncoached]

Daisy Fuentes attorneys attack blogger over ancient pics [on205th]

Give Erin Andrews a call, she’s all ears [COED]

Jenna literally bursting out of her bra [Hottest Girls Of MySpace]

Bill Dance is a boating accident machine; list proves it [Sir Boats Alot]

The best Belmont preview you’ll read all day [Rumors and Rants]

Pacman would love to throw fake bones on this looker [Phil Knows Best]

Michigan State has dozens of chicks in this league [College OTR]

In case you have to take a leak on the golf course [Steady Burn]

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