Red Wings Fan Shown The Gate By Pittsburgh Fuzz

Um, it’s not exactly smart to piss off Pittsburgh police who just had to watch their Penguins get beat in Game 6, albeit on overtime.

The full report from the videographer:

Red Wings Fan was causing trouble after his team won the Cup in Pittsburgh. So Pittsburgh’s finest showed him the door.
Fan:”I paid $1300 for my ticket.”
Cop:”And now I am kicking you out.”

Uh, don’t matter, Wings dude. Your ass is going for a ride. Up those steps now punk.

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    1. Lee says:

      Fuckkk Pittsburgh

      I was at that shitty arena for game 4 and really enjoyed watching their beloved Penguins fall to the mighty Red Wings.

      I was rocking the 1998 Nike Authentic Red Red Wings Lidstrom jersey and took all the abuse from those low life fans until the game ended. After that I was on the offensive towards their bitch ass behavior.

      I'm sure there was more to the guy getting thrown out but fuck the police and fuck penguins fans. I'm a little disappointed that busted coverage would side with the cops in a situation like fan gloating though.

      "albeit on overtime" — the game didn't go to overtime. that was game 5.

      fuck the police

    2. J Koot says:

      Lee, easy chief.

      The cop was probably "working on overtime." Most do when working sporting events.

      And we love when fans get all crazy. We're not supporting the cop at all. It's just that confrontation makes for great videos.

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