Mike Tyson (Not Drinking) In London Club (Photos)

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Until we see the bottle of Cristal, BC doesn’t believe Mike Tyson would break on of the steps in Alcoholics Anonoymous class.

Last week, in a London club, these pictures were snapped of the former champ, but it seems he is just hanging out with not a drink in site. He would never break his probation by having a bottle of champagne with his new chick Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Would he?

Nah, not Mike. He’s a model citizen who just likes to get away to the U.K. because Vegas is so boring. Remember what he told Jeremy Schaap on E60. The guy with a rape conviction said he wanted a “different life.”

Whatever. Dude is on the fast-track to getting his ass locked up again. At least he’ll have tales about the blond to tell his prison mates.