Taryne Mowatt Softball Career Ends, Men Saddened


America’s hottest college softball pitcher is finished.

The reign of Taryne Mowatt ended this weekend with barely a mention by the mainstream blogging media. We, however, strive to bring our loyal readers the latest news about hot chicks and their softball careers.


Thanks to the coolness of Taryne, in green, we have photos to look at

Taryne, as many of you horny readers may remember, is the Arizona pitcher who burst onto the pop culture scene after winning last year’s College World Series and contributing smoking photos (the hottest blonde seen below) to the millions of lonely men dreaming of her.

She had the ESPY appearance and her fame grew.

But the end has come. Arizona is out of the tournament after losing its first two games. On the bright side, Taryne has actually been updating her MySpace photos and BC Photo Editor wants you to see his fine work.

Taryne, we’ll miss you. Keep in touch.


Busted Coverage

[Taryne MySpace]


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    1. Mac G says:

      I wrote off the Mowatt family once her little sister would not accept my MySpace friend invitation.

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