Daily Dump: Jay Bruce Song Written, Titans’ Cheerleaders In Exotic Locale And Chris Cooley Wedding Photos

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Chick in blue wants to be anniversary Playmate. We’re smitten.

Break up the Mets. Break up the Reds. Break up the Rays. Break up Kenny Perry.

What a weekend. An ear bursts. John Kruk actually leaves studio. Taryne Mowatt’s career ends. And a story about a barely legal Patriots cheerleader surfaces. Stay tuned for that one. We have a post to come this morning about this chick.

Today’s Dump:

Jay Bruce is the next Babe Ruth, songs written about him [Ryan Parker]

Speaking of singing, check out this preacher’s baby voice [Holy Taco]

The Dirty asshole gets MSM press about Kobe story [Philly Daily News]

Sex and the City a Super Bowl for NYC women [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

The College World Series, like usual, will be in shitty Omaha [Play in CA]

The Titans’ cheerleaders trying to put calendar together [NFL Juice]

Jason Taylor calls press conference for this? [Rumors and Rants]

Chris Cooley wedding montage [Don Chavez]

We’re not buying Josh Hamilton Triple Crown hype [The Merkin]

Mushnick goes after Joe Buck, announcers [NY Post]

Baseball covering whitewashes history in Griffy HR chase [Comcast]

Doc Rivers doesn’t care for blogger types [The Big Lead]

This Playboy search is insane; we want all of them [Banned in Hollywood]

And…finally…a poor man’s Kim Kardashian [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

This Brazilian T&A should get you through the day [CelebSlam]

A Greek has never looked better [CamelTap]