8 A.M.: Tania Zaetta Bikini FHM Photo Shoot



24-Hours Of Bikinis : 8 A.M. EST

This Australian actress and hostess actually worked for ESPN’s Outdoor Games and the 2000 Summer X Games. In other words, she’s not just another piece of ass wearing a thong in the latest issue of FHM.

But that’s where we found her via Celeb Star. These aren’t the most provocative bikini photos we’ve ever seen from FHM but then again, we’re just a bunch of horny guys who will take most anything with a pulse. It’s early morning. This beats Meredith Viera.


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    1. Andy says:

      I saw that you got some props on G4's Attack of the Show yesterday! About time, right?

    2. J Koot says:

      What was said?

      Anything good?

    3. Andy says:

      They just said that your site was awesome and that it had babes, booze, and football. The segment was about three blogs that have good looking girls; yours, FHM, and Pretty rare company.

      No one at G4 contacted you and gave you the heads up?

    4. […] modeling credits include smoking hot pics in FHM which you can see here. To our knowledge she has never posed for a nude pictorial. She was one of FHM’s 100 sexiest […]

    5. Hasty says:

      Value info. They must be something good. Thanks

    6. Opatz says:

      Great entry. Totally agree with her.

    7. Ball says:

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