Rehab At Hard Rock Includes Bongs, Bikinis

We’re not hip to the whole California way of bonging beers but it appears some Hollywood types have developed a new method.

This hip new trend includes partying at Hard Rock Las Vegas during the Memorial Day Rehab party. You’ll need a chick with ample implants, a bong, lazy river and a douche to drink the beer.  It doesn’t hurt to have another chick handy to bite the other one on the ass.

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    1. Kirk says:

      Beer bonging is as American as apple pie and beer…and bongs. And if you combine it all…you have Apple Pie Beer Bongs. Granted…apple pie doesn't go down well….lemme tell ya.

      (I know…a stretch)

    2. Kirk says:

      If you've never been to Rehab at Hard Rock Las Vegas (every Sunday in the summer) you are truly missing one of life's amazing spectacles. It's one of those "wonders of the world" type experiences….seriously.

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