Track Playboy Photoshopping Of Ashley Harkleroad


Ashley will need some computer work to be Playboy worthy

You are going to see the above in all its glory July 13 on the pages of Playboy.

Ashley Harkleroad will show the goods in the August edition of the mag and we have put together this handy photo guide to keeping track of how much Photoshopping will be done by editors.

It’s not that Ms. Harkleroad isn’t hot. She’s decent. If the American tennis player was in a bar, we’d look for a minute. But if it wasn’t for the tennis court she’d just be another face.

Actually it’s going to be interesting to see whether Amanda Beard (a SFW reminder) or Harkleroad are the most undeserving chicks to ever grace the pages of Playboy – with Anna Nicole a close third.




    1. Jake says:

      She doesn’t look half bad in the Playboy pics. I agree with the comments that Amanda beard is not deserving to be in Playboy. She has a very athletic (no curves) and Amanda’s face looks like that of a tranny. I didn’t realize that Ashley had so many skin blemishes. The female athlete I most want to see in Playboy is that long haired brunette with the beautiful breasts. I can’t of her name or the sport that she excels in, but she is definitely one hot babe!

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