Name Those Man Cans: 53-Year-Old Monsters


Welcome to our new feature where we celebrate the growth of man boobs on sports celebrities who could stand to keep their fat asses away from fast food joints and the media room spread.

We’ll give you these hints for today’s contestant.

The owner of these famous man cans is a 1977 graduate of Brown University. He just celebrated his 53rd birthday and has never played a sport other than buffet eating competitions amongst his other fat, grubby friends.

That’s it. “Name Those Man Cans.”

If you guessed “222” that would be correct. We caught up with the big tittied mack daddy at some recent media day golf outing in Connecticut where Berman most likely demolished the buffet and had a couple cold drinks.


Notice how they parked the junk food cart behind the guy likely to need a Snickers


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    1. wil says:

      chris berman obviousley. didnt even need the clues

    2. J Koot says:

      We're starting out easy. It's like a 5th grade math test. By edition #10 we'll have you stumped.

    3. Randy Haynes says:

      Yes! but I have a feeling she wont, which is quite dissapointing.

    4. hes a beast and people r going 2 do stuipd things if it wasnt cb would ya still say the things ya saying now

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