Daily Dump: Duke Lacrosse Stripper Gets Degree, Police Dog Bites Fan, Leyland Explodes And Alessandra Ambrosio’s Boobs Balloon

Video Of Maria Sharpova Showing Off The ArmVideo Of Maria Sharpova Showing Off The Arm
Poorman's Bikini Beach Race III A Huge SuccessPoorman's Bikini Beach Race III A Huge Success



Still nothing more than a 9 in an Arkansas trailer park

* For those who’ve emailed us about the weekend gig, we’re in the process of going through the submissions. An announcement will be made Friday.

Today’s Dump:

College gives Duke lacrosse stripper a degree [Brahsome]

Jason Taylor beaten by chick, time to face Tuna [Sports By Brooks]

Reggie Bush circa 2005 in Cabo? [Uncoached]

Police dog takes out futbol hooligan [Bright Black Internet]

Jim Leyland gets angry, Tigers win; we sense a pattern [World of Issac]

Belichick fails to wear socks with loafers [Friends of the Program]

Blogger takes time to write about WNBA, please read [The Play In CA]

How to talk to the ladies at Euro 2008 [Machochip]

There’s actually a competition for top UT Vols blog [Losers With Socks]

The penis copter makes its Russian debut [Tasty Booze]

Reason #2 why you should take mass transportation [MacGsWorld]

The all-time worst #1 songs [The Angry T]

The 10 most popular vending snacks [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

Randy Moss and a chick who should be afraid [Don Chavez]

Alessandra Ambrosio’s boobs continue to grow [Drunken Stepfather]

If Britney has been working out it hasn’t started to show [on205th]

Take a better look at Gucci model and MILF [When Keg Stands Go Wrong]

Brazilian Barbie likes profanity [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Jesse Jane is yesterday’s daily snapshot [Coed]

The Survivor Babes battle down to final four [Cuzoogle]

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