Implant Madness: Hooters Orlando Bikini Contest


Monday morning isn’t so bad thanks to Implant Madness! 

You spend $5k on new boobs. True, they look good to your husband. He tells you how beautiful those puppies are. But you want more.

There is a burning desire to show off the mammaries to mullet-sporting, hard drinking Harley types.What are your options?

Pick a weekend, pick a Hooters or Harley dealership and enter a bikini contest. We’ll be here throughout the summer to chronicle the adventures with our Monday feature, “Implant Madness: The Weekend Bikini Recap.”

Today we visit Hooters Orlando for southern ladies with nice, fake racks and skin that can only get that color from a tanning bed. There’s nothing better for redneck Floridians than a night at Hooters and a parking lot bikini contest. Good times were had by all Saturday night.





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    3. suicidal says:

      implants to work at hooters?

      That is like getting a masters in computer science to work for geek squad.

      Your logic is flawed

    4. Kayte says:

      Yeah that picture in the purple is me.. You sound like a pissed off ugly bitch for saying such horrible things about girls with implants. It's our own decision and none of your goddamn business. So go f*ck yourself.

    5. Millie says:

      You must be one unhappy person for saying such horrible things about the Hooter Girls. Is their own decision if they want to get implants you have no one to judge on that kind of comment. You have major issues.

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