Purdue Football Player Can't Afford Condoms


We know times are tough out there for college students. Gas prices are insane. LCDs are out of the question unless you play basketball at USC. And now, even condoms, seem to be too expensive.

Just ask Purdue safety Torri Williams who is accused of jacking a pack of condoms last week from a Pay Less Supermarket, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Already on probation for driving under the influence, Williams must have lost the address for the student health center where they will load up a shopping bag full of rubbers for you. Instead, moron risks going to jail on a probation violation over condoms.

Stupid jock.

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    1. […] Purdue Football Player Can’t Afford Condoms […]

    2. Bradyn says:

      Who needs a condom….uh need I remind you of the the pull out, the stomach punch, the morning after pill the good old it ain't mine, etc. Paying or stealing condoms is madness..

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